Welcome to my Web Based Learning Tool!


How can we use tablets to aid student learning?
Why should we integrate tablets in the classroom with students?
Why should we use the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or 3 with so many choices out there (hello iPad)?
These are a few questions I hope to answer in this web based learning tool (WBLT) for teachers to explore, discuss and share on how to leverage tablets to aid student learning.

About this WBLT

The primary audience of this WBLT are educators and professionals interested using Windows-based tablets to aid student learning. At my school, the learning environment has changed with teachers and students in the Junior Division now accessing class sets of Microsoft Surface Pro 2’s in a 1:1 environment. Teachers will access this WBLT to help them learn their new device as a teacher’s aid and explore new pedagogies and approaches to teaching to aid the integration and adoption of this technology with students. Colleagues may use this tool to explore ideas at their own pace,  as a guide during Face to Face (F2F) professional development sessions and finally as a reference material after the completion of the F2F session. Whenever possible, we hope to use this device to implement breakthrough initiatives where students have new learning opportunities never before possible. (Re-definition)

Here is a tweet that represents our approach.

The secondary audience is other colleagues in my school currently teaching in other divisions in a 1:1 settings (currently our middle and upper school) for professional learning and collaboration.

Finally and critically, this WBLT is available to my PLN though this address (not withstanding some shameless promotion on Twitter and other social media 🙂 This audience will allow for outside input and the potential for sharing, discussions, connections as well as feedback and further discusions.

How to use this WBLT
Above this page are links to the different steps in your journey. Feel free to click on each in order to follow our progression in order or examine each in detail.

Ready to start learning about the Surface. Ok, let’s go! 

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